Saturday, October 17


Finally I have found some time to craft, no I haven't tidied my room, I just moved to the kitchen table!
I'm not good at tidying messes, I just like to make them, probably a good job I don't live alone, there would never be a clear space!

Buttons are my passion, there are so many colours, shapes and sizes.
When ever I find a vintage button I wonder what garment it adorned and who wore it, imagine if they could talk.
Using a blend of vintage and new buttons makes each of my necklaces unique.
Wishing everyone a lovely weekend.


Anonymous said...

If you find a fairy to tidy up your place, can you give her my address too?
Judy B

Rustic Tarts said...

I'm sitting here with one of my button necklaces on too - just about to head out for the day.
Enjoy your creative mess!