Saturday, October 24


Meet Percy the Peacock he lives in our street and several dear old ladies feed him. His beautiful tail feathers have now returned and he's calling for a girl friend day and night.
Apparently he lost his girl to a fox several years ago.
Miss Lilly is completely deaf and screams like a banshee, unfortunately for Percy he seems to mistake her caterwauling for an off key pea hen!
As yet they haven't met face to beak!


sue said...

Ah yes the vocal Percy - I believe I ahve made his aquaintance in the very early morning hours ...! You never know darl Miss Lilli and ols Perce could be a match made in Heaven!

Anonymous said...

Hi Honey,,, I see the wildlife are full of spring joy!! How nice. xx Kath.

Enchanted Moments said...

What a gorgeous fellow to be wandering around your streets, you are very lucky. He is much more handsome than the blokes down my street..........!!!!!
I do hope he finds a peahen soon...or he will be very lonely...x