Friday, August 3

New to Me

Take one grey cardi and a T shirt.

Cut the front off the cardi and stitch it to the back.

Now it has tails. 

Cut the T shirt into strips and sew around the edge of the cardi.
I liked the wrong side of the fabric and edge rolled back nicely.
I added detail with felt circles, fabric and buttons.

I cut the cuff off the cardi mainly because my arms are never that long and added some interest with felt.
You can never have too many cardis in winter.


Jody Pearl said...

LOVE your cardy REinvent...I think a third of my wardrobe is cardigans.

Bron said...

I love clever and so REinvented....I will take some inspiration from this one. xxx

sue said...

Having seen this gracing you I can only repeat WOW! It looks absolutely fantastic - I don't think the fotos do it justice! It is stylish, funky and fun - a bit like its maker really!

Pam said...

Oh Melissa it's fantastic! How clever you are! Anyone would think you'd been taking Jody's fab classes. :)) x

Ms Kath Pathwalker said...

That's really cool Miss M !