Tuesday, August 21


Have you ever tried felting woolen jumpers?
How hard could it be even my mother could do it and she never even meant to!
Last week I purchased 2 woolen jumpers from the opie, popped them in the hot washing machine, twice, then into the hot tumble dryer and all that was achieved were 2 very clean jumpers!
The labels read pure wool and wool and even had the wool symbol.
Back the opie went the jumpers and another 2 came home, more hot washing I even had them in the sink with boiling water and good whack from the wooden spoon.
Yes they are slightly smaller but no where near as small as my mother used to make them!
Next thought, boil them on the stove top, yes witches and cauldrons spring to mind!
Suddenly Sue was on the phone, totally unrelated matter but I think I should wear my aluminum hat again, she had been though all of the above and the best advice she gave me was to buy the woolen jumpers that say "dry clean only".  Must remember to take my glasses with me in future.


sue said...

An aluminium hat won't protect you - I am like the Borg - mwhahahah! Love the photo btw - gorgeous orange teapot!

Sally said...

Hi, yes sometimes it is hard to make wool felt. I've given up on some and sent them back to the op shop too! Now I don't get any jumpers that are 100% merino or can be machine washed, as they seem to be most resistant.