Thursday, January 27

Penny and the Jets

Penny Peahen and Percy Peacock live and wander freely about in our street.
One is Asian and one is Indian and despite their cultural differences they have produced 4 pea babies.
This morning Penny had the babies in our front yard.

Carefully checking before crossing the road.  

Waiting for the stragglers.

Safely to the other side.


Enchanted Moments said...

Isnt that nice, that multi cultural marriages can work in the peacock world...Im thrilled to hear they are happy as a lovely..

sue said...

Oh my - the whole street could soon be over-run with peacocks! Let's hope they are not as prolific as bunnies ....

Rustic Tarts said...

We love these peacock stories! I think you could write and illustrate a childrens book about their adventures, couldn't you?