Wednesday, January 5

The Task

I've spent the last 3 days sorting through the shed, some of these things have been boxed up for 5 years.
I had planned to sort all this out when we moved here nearly 3 years ago.

The op shop ladies are now diving under the counter as they see me approach!

As each box revealed it's hidden treasure and memories, laughter and tears flowed, yes I'm a big sook!
I made this quilt in a caravan trip up the east coast back in the 90's.

I just keep thinking how can one person possibly have so much stuff and how did I manage to collect it all?
The end is in sight, I can see the back of the shed!


Enchanted Moments said... it felt like going to an antique shop..but not handing over any money...looks like fun...x

Rustic Tarts said...

Could be a new business venture for you -how much do you charge?????