Sunday, September 26

Flea Market Finds

The op shop trail was rather grim this week as I thought everything was over priced, but I did find this pretty blue jug with a shiny glaze and a couple of chips.
I'm not sure if it will hold water but I plan to put a glass inside to hold the flowers.
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sue said...

I can just see it with a bunch of daffodils - how gorgeous. Perhaps the Clare op-shops will have something to offer?

Knicky Knacks said...

Regardless of its purpose, I love its colour and it has character - its big and strong and I'm sure will be very versatile.

Fritzi Marie said...

Oh, this would be so pretty on a picnic table filled with wild flowers. A treasure for sure.

Fritzi Marie

Susan L (lily40au) said...

i so hear you about the price of stuff in op shops. the most amazing tat has prices like you wouldn't believe and then good, collectable stuff is cheap (like the 4 cups and saucers I got this weekend for $3 the set!). go figure.
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