Wednesday, September 22

Meet Penny

Penny Pea Hen lives in our street along with Percy Peacock, poor old Percy has been alone for a number of years as a fox killed his last bride.
Recently someone purchased Penny from a garage sale ( as you do!) as a companion for Percy.
According to our 85 year old neighbour Connie, (who incidently taught me at school) they will never mate as one is an Indian and one is an Asian. Connie feeds them and sometimes they sit on her fence together.

The other day a small boy came door knocking asking who owned Penny as she was in their chook house. He was delighted to discover that no one owns them they roam free but we all keep an eye out for them.


sue said...

Penny is a Perfectly Pretty Pea-hen! Cultiral differences aside, I am sure she would make Percy a wonderful wife!

Chris Fenwick said...

Well she is a pretty Penny & what a lovely pair to have roaming free in your neighbourhood.

Cherie said...

Ohhhh what a gorgeous story and what a wonderful street you live in! WOW I'm flabbergasted ... and on top of that ... your posts are absolutely fabulous! Loving your blog.xo

Rustic Tarts said...

Lovely photos - and they like jasmine too. A wonderful story.

sylviesgarden said...

How wonderful to have peacocks roaming free on your street! That wouldn't happen here in the UK, so there's another reason to add to list of why we should move.
They are adorable.