Sunday, September 19

Flea Market Finds

On my way home Friday afternoon I was in time to stop off at the Port Broughton op shop, this little shop is only open on Friday afternoons.
There were people everywhere and as shuffled down the hallway I could hear, "Ready Gladys?" "Yes Mavis" "Right, 10, 40, 10, 20, $1-, 40, ....and so on ... The End!" "Total $15.40" "Thankyou" "Next" "Ready Gladys?" "Yes Mavis" "Right".
As I moved through the shop this was repeated over and over.
Finally when it was my turn I discovered that most of the volunteers are approaching or over 80.
Gladys was sitting at the table armed with pen and paper and Mavis was standing calling out the prices.
They spend the week sorting and pricing the items. The buttons from discarded clothing are sewn onto strips of fabric and placed in colour coded baskets.
They would rather turn over their stock for a few cents as every $ they make goes back into their community.
A BIG congratualtions to the Port Broughton op shop.

Pop over to Sophies and see what other treasures have been found this week.


melissa said...

Great story! Good on those old girls, they dont waste anything!

Rustic Tarts said...

Yes, well told!

Knicky Knacks said...

Got to love the oldies. Who knows, that might be us in 40 years times! Love the colours of the buttons.

Erica Louise said...

What a lovely story, I too am a fan of the old school oppy's, and the lovely ladies that dedicate their time to them. One can never have enough buttons - the turquoise ones are really pretty, my favourite colour

Anonymous said...

I hope I'm that active when I'm 80. Fancy sewing the buttons onto fabric instead of putting them into plastic bags! Such a great story.

moose and bird said...

Gladys and Mavis sound so sweet.....the volunteers add so much charm to each op shop. Hope your Tuesday is a lovely one. x

Janice said...

Good on the ladies at the op shop. I bet it brought a smile to your face as you shopped.

sylviesgarden said...

Every charity shop should have a Gladys and a Mavis. Bless them.
I love finding old buttons and you have some really pretty ones.

Cherie said...

Totally back in time. Every single charity couyld learn so much from these Darlings. I've always wondered why buttons were never saved but realise charities have become way tooo corporate! Thank YOU for another gorgeous story from your beautiful blog. xo