Monday, December 7


What a busy weekend, Saturday I met up with friends at "The Art At The Hart" at Port Adelaide.
The market stalls lined the banks of the the Port River near the old Adelaide Mills.
Every stall had "hand crafted" treasures, such a nice change from all the imports that seem to be around. It just goes to prove that you can have a market/fair without imports.
My congratulations goes to the organisers, it was a great day lots to see and do.
Wonderful to see so many people supporting "hand crafted".
We celebrated and early Christmas with friends at the beach Saturday night, gin and tonic's on the deck as the sunset.
Up bright and early Sunday morning and back to Semaphore for the St Bedes market.
Thank you to everyone who came and said hello.


Rustic Tarts said...

Is that you wearing the hat??? lol
That is a beauty.
Sounds like you had a great weekend.

sue said...

What a great week-end it was - I thought Art in the Hart was great too and everything was all the more special 'cos I got to ahng out with you!