Monday, December 21

Oh Christmas Tree

I finally found the tree, ornies and an assortment of Santas.
In a previous life I designed and made cloth dolls. After 20 years my desire and love was gone, most things were packed away and it took me a couple of years to actually make anything at all.
Slowly I have found my crafting passion and I'm enjoying creating again.

My love for "prim" disappeared a few ago and I'm still not sure how I feel about all these dark and grubby colours.

All the ornies on my fake feather tree were made by me or my friends.
With all these dark colours my lounge room seems to have shrunk even more!
Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas, I hope the annoying fat man in the red suit brings treasure!
Stay safe and Happy
Love Melissa


Anonymous said...

well done
christmas spirit found you!

Anonymous said...

love the santas

Rustic Tarts said...

Ditto - I feel the same and most of my decorations are still packed away. However I have pulled out my favourites including the lovely stitched ones that you did, which I still LOVE!
I hope to at least do one post before Christmas!!

REread said...

hi ... just to let you know you won the giveaway!!! .. email a postal address and it's all yours

Hayley :)