Sunday, December 27

A Busy Week

Christmas Day was a lovely family event and even my mother said I "really excelled myself"!
The only small hiccup of the day was all being locked outside, it must have been the only moment that no one was inside for the whole day. Yes it was me who was pushed through the lounge room window. At least we weren't arrested for break and enter!
Santa squeezed the presents down the chimney so there were plenty of treats for everyone including lots of chocolate.
The highlight of the day was the chocolate pooing reindeer, from 6 to 80 and everyone in between was in fits of laughter.
I hope everyone had a magical Christmas.
I need to sort out my room as it's become a dumping ground for all the bits and pieces over the last few days.

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i got your comment but not your email ... maybe i gave you the wrong address, have a habit of speed typing (really badly) ... try or conversation me on Etsy ...