Wednesday, December 16


The rustic bunting is an attempt to be festive for Christmas.
Christmas always seems like the end of world, everything has to be done before Christmas, you know the sun will rise in January!
There is no joy or goodwill to all on the streets, just stress.
As we are hosting Christmas Day I had best go and ferret around in the the and find the tree.
Bah hum bug, at least I have a few more days to find "the Christmas Spirit".
Maybe I should look in the fridge!

The first frangipani flower of the season.
Welcome home to a very special girl today, see you soon.


sue said...

You will find that festive spiirt in the bottom of a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue I believe! Special girl has landed and is as expected completely adorable!

sue said...

Forgot to say that I think the bunying is GORGEOUS - just like you!