Sunday, September 27


Well it's been a busy weekend with 2 birthday parties and the football grand final. I am not a footy fan but listening to the ABC radio made it sound so exciting I had to turn on the TV.
Miss Lilly seemed excited that the cats had won!
Now the above photo has nothing to do with parties or football, it's the Paskeville Field Days site. Tomorrow I shall be out there wearing my best wellies and helping my buddy Sue set up her stand. This small town grows from nothing and comes to life every 2 years for 1 week.
This was my first "fair/market" stand I ever had 20 years ago.
I seem to be one of those who don't/can't do small things, small market .... no go the whole way and have a stand at the Field Days! My first piece of patchwork .... a queen size quilt!
If you happen to be in South Oz come along and say Hello.
Have a great week, I'll be back at the end of the week with photos hopefully of exciting things and not just mud!


Rustic Tarts said...

I hope it dries out and it goes well. Unfortunately I don't think I will make it there this year but if Iain does, I will get him to call by and say hello! The Lions brigade from here all left today with their caravans ready to set up at the oval for their 'holiday'. They will be doing fish and chips again this year....and yes I should have been with

Kirsty said...

Great to bump into you yesterday Melissa, I am wishing I had got more pieces from Sue for Christmas...I am thinking I might have to visit her before then. I have thought of about 5 really hard to buy for people who would love her stuff!!!