Thursday, February 2


Where do you drink your tea is this week's jam 

I love to sit outside and watch the world go by under the frangipani tree.

This is my favourite mug at the moment filled with French Earl Grey.

This is my other spot outside depends on the weather.

Pop over to Jody's and see where others drink their tea.


Pam said...

Both lovely spots to sit and ponder in Melissa! But I have to say that I think I prefer the second one. The bunting and that sweet cushion have won me over, along with the paving in the shade. It all just looks so country and comfy! Cute mug too.
Thanks for dropping by. :)
The mozzies are ok at the mo, but we've just had some more rain, so the next lot won't be too far away!

Jody Pearl said...

You're spoilt for choice Melissa - both very comfy spots and the tea is my MiL's favourite.

Thanks for popping over and joining in. x

Jackie Proctor said...

Both spots do look nice but I do agree with Pam that the bunting and cushion make the second spot look just a little more special. Glad to see I'm not the only one that likes a mug of tea!

RoseMary said...

I love the tablecloth and the cushion. I like mugs when I don't want to get up often. We need mug rugs, girls! my tea set is at, I missed the link to Jam this last time.