Sunday, February 12

JaM - A is for Announcements, Adventures And A giveAway

Joining in very late with Jodie meme.

This has been a week of internet connection woes, apparently bigger "towers" needed to be installed which affected everyone even if you weren't with that company! 

Anyway back to JaM,  my announcement and adventure;
I'm off to the the Kooky Kidz Market in April, should be fun, now I just need to get busy and make some goodies.  


Jody Pearl said...

How exciting - look forward to seeing what you create.

Thanks for joining in this weeks theme.

Jackie Proctor said...

Looks like fun, I hope you do well there.

Rustic Tarts said...

Good luck! I read the article about the last one, and it looks really promising. I'll pop up and see you , if we're around.

sue said...

woo hoo - what fun - now get in that sewing room!