Monday, April 25


Do you remember going on a picnic as a kid and this would always be in the glove box of the car, before cans had ring pulls.

Yes a set of aluminum travelling cups.
I have no idea how or why but the drinks always tasted cold and really good.

In another oppie I spyed this bowl for $1, do I really need another bowl?

When I picked it up and turned it over, yes I definitely need this one.
For more treasure pop over to Sophie's.


Lyndel said...

oh yes I remember the cups in a leather pouch with opener, I bought my Dad a set for his Birthday with my first pay when I started working.

virtualquilter said...

Wow! Two wonderful treasures.

I have a set of the cups which I keep in the picnic set which came with plastic stemmed 'glasses' which I thought were pretty much useless for a picnic!

The bowl is a real treasure!

Judy B

Enchanted Moments said...

Yes, yes, the station wagon, the brown cups with the cover with the the glove box....

sue said...

You have a Clarice bowl?! OMG - I am dead jealous. AND a complete set of anodised cups - in their holder???! sigh - too good to be true!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

oh yeah. one cannot turn one's back on clarice.
lucky so and so, i say... ;)

Amanda said...

oh good find gorgeous cups

Jody Pearl said...

Well spotted - Clarice Cliff for $1 - I'd have had a heart attack!