Sunday, August 30

Very Vintage ~ Day 30

Yesterday mum and I ventured to Adelaide for the "Way we Wear Fair".
This was our 3rd fair and we still loved every minute of it.
I love old treasures and clothes they were made so well and the fabrics are just beautiful.
We had lots of lovely conversations with strangers reminiscing about our mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers in respect to the displays.
Button up boots, gosh they must have had small feet!
Lace up corsets, I don't know how they managed to breathe.
The days when every woman carried a compact and discreetly powdered their nose in the powder room.
This blue self patterned dress just called my name, I tried to resist but it was useless!

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sue said...

Glad you had fun! Can't wait to see it on you!