Sunday, August 9

Brrrrr ~ Day 9

It's freezing here today so it's good to have a well stocked wood pile.
I should live in the far north of Australia, although I have been know to wear a jumper in Darwin.
According to mother, and we all know mothers are right, I have iced water running through my veins!
Off to snuggle up by the fire.
Stay warm.


sue said...

I am loving the pics Miss Meliss! I am sick of the cold too!

Margaret said...

I'm always cold although, I can't wait for the cold weather to sit by a fire with a cup of tea and a good book. Summer will be over soon enough and I will be missing the warmth.

Very nice photograph. I love the angle you shot from.
Stay warm!

Jackie said...

I love winter,we have had such a mild winter this year unfortunately. Love the photo of the wood.

Anonymous said...

One and only real frost I've seen, and felt, this year. I was taking a break in Spalding during three weeks away mostly spent in the Copper Triangle.
Judy B