Thursday, August 20

Special Day ~ Day 20

Today is my Birthday and again I have been spoilt or as my mother would say "not spoilt, just well loved!" After all I am a Leo.
Tootled out and about for coffee and lunch and a wander along the beach.
Arrived home to find the postie had delivered the most gorgeous pressie from Christina.
It's beautifully crotched and fits perfectly, Thank you.


Rustic Tarts said...

Happy Birthday!!!
Damn fine hat that......and do you know that I was going to make one for Miz Lillie as well and I can see she is grumpy because she hasn't got it. I have some left over strips so tell her, that she will get hers soon

CurlyPops said...

Happy Birthday to you! I hope you've had a wonderful day filled with cake and pressies.

sue said...

Woo hoo - Happy Birthday to you! Glad you didn't have to work on your Birthday! Would you think me pushy if I suggested an email re the mag subscription? hee hee! Big love to you!
BTW - LOVE the Hat!!!!