Monday, September 3


JaM - taking Just a Moment to gather & share the things you have noticed, consumed, created &/or bought during your week....

I fixed it!
I removed the little cap sleeve.

Shortened the dress a bit and added some large colourful fabric circles.

A colourful brooch to finish the dress off.
Looks much better now.

And those felted jumpers have been made into flowers to wear.

Joining Jody and JaM.


Jody Pearl said...


The Tunic is a thousand times better for loosing it's sleeves and gaining those colourful circles and how much better do those jumpers look as flowers!

Thanks for joining in this week Melissa. x

Bron said...

I agree with Jody...great transformation indeed. x

Jackie Proctor said...

Very clever. the flowers are very sweet. x