Sunday, August 28

Let them Eat Cake

Yesterday we celebrated a dear friends 80th birthday.
The cupie doll is from 1956 and her skirt is covered with marshmellows.
We could call her a Dolly Varden, my mum used to make Dolly Varden cakes for me when I was little, yes I know "well loved".


Enchanted Moments said...

I used to get a dolly like that on a stick every year from the Dad would buy them for me...I so loved them...a tulle skirt and glitter hair! Ultimately by the time the next royal show rolled around, the doll was minus the stick, the tulle taken off for a barbie...all ready for another one! That cake is just gorgeous, I bet the birthday girl absolutely loved it....I made a dolly varden cake for my middle m's first birthday...this sunshine is glorious today!!!

Jody Pearl said...

Yum - a birthday's not a birthday without a cake and these days I like them without the candles!

Ms Kath Pathwalker said...

Cute! Well loved indeed!