Sunday, March 28

Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright

These "Lava Tigers" were set up in Circluar Quay and looked fabulous by day and night.

They appeared to be a sort of plastic covering a wire frame and attracted lots of attention
I'm sorry I don't know who or why.

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sue said...

LAVA is the name of the company that made them - stands for "Laboratory for Visionary Architecture". The company was commissioned by Customs House to raise awareness of the tigers' status on the endangered species list.The Aussie director of LAVA says they like humour in architecture so the tigers are playing soccer which gives a nod to our World Cup efforts this year. Apparently they are made of recyclable materials and lit by low energy LED lights. Gespite their size, they only weigh 200kgs! Ok,I am being a smart arse - looked up that info but I bet you were impressed for a moment?!!!