Thursday, March 25

Home Again

We've had the most wonderful time in Sydney.

It was my first visit and for the first couple of days was head was spinning.
We have seen only the smallest amount but enough to want to re-visit.


We ferried to Manley,


bused to Bondi,

and hung out at The Rocks.

We've eaten so much wonderful food and shopped both my suitcase and I gained weight.
While my suitcase got the "heavy" sticker, I got tested for explosives!


Rustic Tarts said...

It's a great place to visit, isn't it? Gorgeous photos.

Glad you had a wonderful time.

sue said...

Great pics my darling - so glad you are home safe and sound! You actually caught a BUS? I am dead impressed - this is your year for stepping out of comfort zones - you go wild girrrrl!