Sunday, November 22

Beach Shacks

Once our coast lines were dotted with these humble fibro shacks, unfortunately they are disappearing in favour of the "mac mansions".
As kids mum and dad used to rent an old shack for 2 weeks in January while learn to swim was on. We had a great time, the beds all sagged, nothing matched, no one complained about the sand inside and we ate loads of fish and chips. Mum always said it wasn't a holiday if she still had to cook.
It's sad to think that in years to come our children will never know the joy of the humble fibro shack where nothing matched and time stood still.
We have survived our first heatwave here but I am sure there are more to come.

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Anonymous said...

Yes you're right darling. I think they call that progress. Glad you haven't melted!! The fire was too near us for comfort. All a bit hairy scarey!! Still, all over now. Will tell all. Love from me. xx