Thursday, June 18

The Three Bags

South Australia has banned the plastic bag except for the thick plastic bags you can now buy for 20 cents each that look like they will never break down.
I decided to make a bag that was similar to the plastic bag but made from fabric.
How hard could it be? I used to sew my own clothes and designed cloth dolls for years. Besides a girl friend was having a birthday and this would be a great present.
So I sallied forth with pen, paper, scissors, fabric and a picture in my head.
The first bag was too small and "could do better" appeared on my report card!
Back to the drawing board more paper was stuck to the first pattern and away I went again. The second bag was too big and would need to be packed and unpacked in the car!
Maybe it could be an over night bag?

I cut down the pattern again!
The third bag was just right.
My girl friend received a set of "nesting bags" for her birthday.
She loves her nesting bags and tells everyone the fairy tale of the three bags!


Mat`amiT said...

wow very u sell ur designs?

Rustic Tarts said...

Only you could turn that exercise into a fairy tale! LOL

Anonymous said...

You will be pleased to know I washed the mouldy quince outta the "papa bag" !

Anonymous said...

I was so impressed by this great new law. Very happy to carry my stuff to reduce plastic.
AND I love these bags, any chance of a tutorial?