Friday, June 12


Balaklava is a small town on the edge of the Adelaide Plains about 1 hours drive each for 3 friends to meet for lunch.
We had a lovely wander around town with a visit to "The Daisy Patch" craft shop, where I bought myself a couple of presents.
The op shop was a treasure trove of buttons and trims.

The brightly coloured poinsettia added colour to the grey day.

The goat was in a back yard as we strolled around.

Over the fence again.

Arriving home I found this lovely selection of wine from "Starkers" on my door step.
The shiraz will be lovely with dinner.
Hope everyone had a lovely Friday,
Enjoy the weekend.

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Rustic Tarts said...

It sounds like it was a meeting of the 3 witches??? Sounds like you had a lovely day and I hope you enjoy your Starkers - haven't heard of that one but I am sure Iain will be keen to check it out!