Monday, January 7


You know what it's like when you really just want to have a go at something even if you don't have the right tools or equipment, especially on a weekend when all the shops who could help you have closed.
So here's my mosaic piece, set in plaster, wrong, in a cake tin, wrong, and I just smashed up the cups and plates with a hammer, wrong again but it was fun!
There was a bit too much white plaster showing so I added black seed beads which now look like poppy seeds all over the top, that's probably wrong too.  


Bron said...

But it is unique and you did it...sometimes it is about the process and not the end product...i don't think it looks all that bad....pop it in the garden as a sneaky little find. always works for me. xx

sue said...

there is no 'wrong' when it comes to you my dear!

shirley said...

I like the little beads they add to your unique design, which by the way is original and wonderful.