Sunday, June 10


One large top purchased from the oppie, intereseting  fabric.

With the help of a Piece of Cake and a cup of tea, and a Tshirt I created this frock.
I think it needs a colour detailing, prehaps around the neckline.

A little pleat detail on the hem, yep good idea until I had to take up the hem.

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Joining in with Jodie's JaM this week,
something I bought and created.


Jody Pearl said...

Melissa I love what you've done - I want one!

I can see this, teamed with a skivvy tights & boots, being your 'go-to' garment for Winter.

Thanks for sharing and for joining in JaM this week. x

mamapin said...

Really Awesome!! Super creative!!

Rustic Tarts said...

I think it turned out great - laughed with the pleat and then taking up the hem. Exactly what I would do and then you ask yourself why did I take the extra time to do that in the first place????? lol

Enchanted Moments said...

skivvy for sure...and some funky red beads.....

Jackie Proctor said...

Oh, Well Done. It looks amazing. Definitely tights or leggings and boots. Not being a skivvy person I'd go with a long sleeve T and a scarf.

Pam said...

Yes, definitely looks fab Melissa! You've been much more creative than I have with mine! Agree with all the others too! A high necked T or skivvy and the tights. Well done you! x

Andrea said...

Hi Melissa, love your piece of cake dress and the little pleats, yep it will look great with boots!
I made my first PoC on the weekend and already thinking what my next one will be..........

Bron said...

Oh yeah how cool is that it. xxx