Thursday, April 26


JaM - What's the Weather like at your Place

It's getting colder and darker.
Blue sky seems a thing of the past.

The leaves are changing colour and falling.

There are rainbows around and a dampness in the air.

The farmers are starting to sow their crops.
The snails are coming out to play.

Joining Jody with Jam this week. 


Jody Pearl said...

Oooo love a stormy sky - although with the state of our roof they need to hold off here for a bit.

We don't get cold enough in the West, especially by the coast, for the trees to change colour like yours so am enjoying seeing the gorgeous autumn tones that you & the others have shared.

Thanks for joining in Melissa. x

Andrea said...

Love watching the stormy skies and i don't mind the colder weather either, good excuse to curl up with a book.

Jackie Proctor said...

Your weather looks just like ours. Good weather for stoking the fire and crafting or like Andrea, curling up with a book.