Tuesday, November 8

Antiques & Oppies

Our local community held it's annual Antique Fair on the weekend, dealers come from across the state to participate.
There was loads of pretty china and glass as well as few vintage and retro pieces.

My find of the day came from the oppie that cleverly opened on the weekend,
$2 for the tablecloth and a delightful chat with the ladies.


Kylie said...

What a lovely tablecloth Melissa, a bargain and the chat with the oppy ladies, priceless.

sue said...

keep your eyes on the post my dear for I have unearthed a few tea towels and will be sending them off tomorrow!

Enchanted Moments said...

Sometimes the chats are worth more arnt they, I never leave Vinnies without a smile on my face from some old dear that has served me. I so want to be one of those op shop ladies when I grow up...!