Thursday, July 15


I've added some pretty Japanese fabric circles to a chain store pinafore for a different look.
Sadly the photo of the pinafore got lost between here and the upload?? anyway I will try and find it.

This year is flying by so quickly we seem to be doing things that I am sure we did only a few weeks ago when actually they were 12 months ago. Prehaps there is too much routine in our lives, I hate having routines something my mother still has a lot of, certain things done on certain days and possibly the world could come to a grinding holt if there are any changes.
On the bright side with the year rolling along so quickly summer will be here soon.


sue said...

Oh I do love that fabric - dying to see the pinny! nice to know you are still out there my darling ... Warmer weather on the horizon so don't panic and take off for warmer climes ( northern NSW?) just yet! Routine sucks but sometimes if your workload is full you just gotta have 'em!

Rustic Tarts said...

I hope you do find the other photo but I can imagine how good it looks. Fabric is gorgeous.
Do you wear your little green boots with it?