Monday, May 24

Row Row Row your Boat

Our fledgling rowing club attended it's first regatta on the weekend.
We arrived in Remark on the River Murray Friday afternoon to be greeted by calm water, a rarety when you live by the sea. 

The Pinic (not serious) Regatta was held on Saturday and Sunday.
There were singles, fours and eights to be rowed. If your club couldn't fill a boat it didn't matter as you just jumped in if there was a spare seat.

I rowed in 3 races, sweep 4, quad 4 and mixed 4.
Unfortunately I missed out on seat in an eight this time.

We had a great weekend and met up with friends both old and new.
It may a few days for me to recover!!


Rustic Tarts said...

The 8 seaters are very loooooong aren't they?
Thought you were one of the people wearing a red hat until I clicked on the photo....ooops.
Hope your sore muscles get better soon.

sue said...

Oh my darling - I would have loved to have cheered you on - next time you simply must 'fess up and let us know BEFOREHAND! Glad you had such an excellent time!

Anonymous said...
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