Monday, July 13

July Edition

It's time to celebrate Christmas in July on The Chocolate Crow Trader.
The first six months of this year have flown by and I think the next six months
will whizz by just as quick!
This month I am offering 2 different button necklaces.
They are created from a selection of vintage and new buttons that have
been stacked and woven together.
The purple one measures 125 cm or approx. 49 inches and can be worn as a long
strand or easily slips over your head for a double strand.

The red button necklace is slightly longer, 130 cm, approx 51 inches.
As always Mogs Designs are "one of a kind".


Rustic Tarts said...

Very luscious!
And who was your model?????

sue said...

gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Love them to bits!

Rustic Tarts said...

Hello there!
I have nominated you to join in with the "My Heart" tag - details are on my blog.
I know you will love me for I was going to tag Sue as well but I will leave her for you to do!